InMobiles Holding SAL is not your average Value Added Services provider, and is definitely more than just a Business Partner.

With over 9 years of complex implementations and revenue generating redefinition, inMobiles became a symbol of constancy that cuts across cultures to meet the Future's needs.

Pinning success pins into our long road-map required new capabilities, new models and new innovations!  

With that in mind, and this bold initiative, we decided to conquer 2016 with our evolved management model to fit evolving markets, without compromising any of our strongest product identities.

Because meeting goals embodied in the 2016 Vision requires new tools, InMobiles has created a "Revenue Generating Management" Tool (also known as RGM), to switch the focus to profitable growth. A fully integrated business model identifying the complete range of long-term growth opportunities.

 To find out more about our RGM and how this tool might elevate your ARPU and ROI, while also retaining your current base of recruitment, please contact us on:

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