In recent years, the use of Mobile Devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops has become ubiquitous in enterprise use by businesses and their workforce. They may be used on-site, hybrid, or even remotely, and have become indispensable and integral parts of the majority of organizations — vital tools for productivity and efficiency.

However, because Enterprise Mobile Devices access essential business data, they can pose a security risk if hacked, stolen, or even lost. As a result, the significance of managing mobile devices has grown to the point where IT, security and HR leaders are now responsible for provisioning, maintaining, and securing mobile devices within their respective corporate settings.

EDMS Components: The Additional Control Layer Your Enterprise Desperately Needs

InMobiles’ Enterprise Device Management System (EDMS) will integrate with EIR, Billing and other nodes allowing it to gather detailed information about data usage, call records, subscribed services and messaging activity directly from the carrier for all the devices and their last attached to the network. This will help enterprises in tracking network-related usage to each employee-owner for the device

Don’t let Device management be a Hassle

IT and HR teams no longer need to manage and secure mobile devices from separate endpoint management software products. Today’s workers may use a personal smartphone, a shared tablet, and a corporate-issued device at the same time. In each case, their devices can be managed by EDMS developed by inMobiles, which offers more control over the devices' ownership and usage, reduced risk against vulnerabilities, and a satisfying user experience, and helps administrators build a zero-trust strategy.

Through curated offerings and custom engagements, inMobiles EDMS solution is designed to help Enterprises get the most out of their management tool through their own Carrier:

o   Device ownership tracking: Each device enrolled with or issued by an enterprise can be linked to a specific SIM Card number (MSISDN/IMSI) and have its ownership tracked once the user changes

o   Maintain an accurate inventory of all mobile devices

o   Mobile and Services management: Manage and monitor consumption, data usage, and status, ultimately improving asset management.

o   Identity management: Secure mobile management that allows an enterprise to manage user identities associated with a device.

o   Cost optimization: Set limits for data, voice, and text usage to control costs and prevent overages, in addition to alerting HR or IT administrators when limits are exceeded.

Take the next step: Keeping the workforce flexibly productive

Whether you’re provisioning new employees, connecting remote workers or access managing to existing on-prem infrastructure, you need to protect digital users, assets and data. It’s a constantly shifting balancing act between frictionless access that boosts productivity and a zero-trust approach to enterprise asset management.

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