In collaboration with Arope Insurance , InMobiles successfully launched along the two telecom operators Alfa and Touch, the first of its kind Mobile-Based Insurance Program through Airtime "Allo... Hayete" a micro life insurance program for people between 18 and 60.

The service, subscribed to through a mobile phone text message, targets limited income individuals.

Subscription is made monthly for $3, weekly for $0.7 or daily for $0.1 for prepaid lines and $3 a month for fixed mobile phone lines.

Allo... Hayete is highly flexible because the subscriber may modify the mode of payment, replace the beneficiary or terminate subscription by sending an SMS, free of charge, to 1319.

Insurance covers the cases of fatality, sickness or disease, accidents, war risks and terrorism. The amount of coverage upon death is $3,300 (five million LL) to the beneficiary.

The process starts when the subscriber sends: ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘3’ to 1319 for a monthly, weekly, or daily subscription. The subscriber would also have to send the personal information of the insured and beneficiary.

The insured would receive subscription policy number to the mobile phone for confirmation.

The insured would then receive the authentic signed subscription certificate holding the Arope Insurance  seal.